Subscription Policy

CaraGala provides a subscription service which auto-replenishes products for you. If you purchase products using our auto-replenishment feature, you have confirmed that you accept our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy and Refund & Return Policy.

When you enroll for an auto-replenishment subscription, a new order will be generated on the recurring basis that you selected at which time your credit card will be charged automatically, without further authorization from you, for the auto-replenishment products, until you cancel your subscription. You may pause or cancel your subscription at any time by logging in to your account. Any changes must be made forty-eight (48) hours before your next automatic order is created. All auto-replenishment orders, including the first and each recurring order, are subject to standard processing times.

Auto-replenishment subscriptions are offered at a discounted price and additional promotional and/or discount codes may not be used. All returns under our auto-replenishment subscriptions are subject to the CaraGala Return & Refund Policy.